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Marketing Strategy | Content Developer | Designer | Writer | Editor | Founder

Hello, I am Mike Fuchsman, founder of SUMMIT MEDIA DESIGN, LLC. Creative storytelling drives me - be it in still visual form, carefully crafted written form, in motion, being spoken, on the web, mobile, tv, cinema, print, or out-of-home mediums.

Consumers are more sophisticated than ever, and in a flash tune-in or tune-out the content they encounter at an unrelenting rate each day. In light of this, a poorly designed presentation, an outdated website, an amateurishly constructed advertisement, or an ill-conceived media campaign will do irreparable damage to a businesses potential to grow, and it's credibility.

I, like many people, tend to seek out cheaper service options whenever possible. However, I have frequently found that cheaper is often times just that... cheaper and less effective. When something is truly important to me, like my business, sometimes going with the more experienced, and even pricier option has been the best one, and most worth my money.

If you feel your marketing strategies need to be taken to a higher level of execution, let me help you build your campaigns into content your audience will want to pay attention to.


With over 35 years of executive-level creative and marketing management experience, my first 30 years were spent helping to build the US cinema advertising industry from its inception to what became a half-billion dollar media enterprise. Early in my career I initiated and successfully influenced company management to permit me to build an in-house creative services unit in Washington, DC for AMC Theater's subsidiary National Cinema Network (NCN). With stable financial and creative successes generated from that facility, I was then asked to build and run two more facilities - one in Kansas City, MO, and another in Denver, CO. What started as a one-person operation, grew into a 30 person, full-service, multi-location creative services team that designed and produced a full-motion picture film and digital advertising program entitled "Pre-Show Countdown," a still-frame film entertainment program entitled "Pre-Show Entertainment," a multi-region print magazine entitled "Movie Times," an in-lobby large-format billboard advertising medium entitled "CineSign," an in-lobby institutional advertising program for AMC Theatres' entitled "In-Lobby Entertainment," and designed company marketing collateral for NCN and AMC Theaters' sales and marketing departments. In all, the team generated well over $4 million annually in EBITDA.

NCN was taken over by Regal CineMedia in 2005; however, I was asked to stay on with the new company, National CineMedia (NCM), to build-out Regal's preexisting in-house 3D animation team and grow it into a full-service motion advertising design unit. From that teams' successes, I was then asked to lead the video production and media encoding unit at a time when the company transitioned from an inferior media playback format to full, digital-cinema technology playback. Two years later, I was asked to additionally run one of the company's media relations operations teams. After a failed merger with NCM's largest competitor, Screenvision in 2016, I left the company in 2017.

In 2018 I started working for USA Industries in Houston, TX, as Marketing Manager, where I continue to work as a one-man resource today. USA Industries is an industrial designer (15 US and international patents/13 US and international trademarks), manufacturer, and supplier of premium products that support the oil and gas, chemical, and other process manufacturing industries safely perform maintenance turnarounds, shutdowns, repairs, and capital projects.


I love to shoot and edit digital photography, cruising on my HD Heritage Softail Classic, making and fixing things, watching the Washington Redskins (I know) football and Houston Astros baseball teams, drinking bourbon, and watching and performing live music.


I have been married for over 30 years to my beautiful wife Elise, and have two kids who are successfully navigating their professional careers in Denver, CO.

"I incorporate gestalt design principles to bring order and clean compositional design flow to everything produced, in addition to employing contemporary design stylings."