WordPress Website Development

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Our philosophy is simple - we build sound, user-friendly, responsive WordPress and hand-coded websites that incorporate SEO best practices.


Several of our clients request the ability to make changes to their websites without the need for a web developer. WordPress allows us to build websites for our clients that are editable and user-friendly so our clients can make the revisions they need without hiring a webmaster.
WordPress is no longer just for bloggers, it's a robust computer management system (CMS) that offers professional web designers the capabilities of building websites quickly, efficiently, securely and cost effectively for businesses, professionals,... AND bloggers. As an open source solution, there is an endless number of tools, solving from the simple to the complex business solutions, and their sophistication grows exponentially daily.

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Once your new website is built, consider having Summit Media Design build a new presentation deck for your business so that your marketing communication materials match the same design style, tone, and use of production assets as the newly built or updated website. An essential key that helps to define a successful and professional brand identity package is brand consistency across all communication platforms.
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