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Established in 2017


My advertising career started out in sales and steadily grew into creative executive management in the cinema advertising industry. Cinematic storytelling was the K.A.A.C. (Key Aspirational Advertising Component - yes I made that up) we evangelized to our clients and creative agency reps who promoted their brands to the captively engaged audiences in movie theaters. Now, as a boutique studio owner, I carry my passion for stunning visual design to Summit Media Design. My studio's focus is professional creative design, digital and traditional marketing strategies, and brand identity development for small-to-large businesses. Located just outside of Denver, CO, we deliver relevant, artistic and cleanly designed business and corporate branding communications to every client we support.

We respect that today's consumers are smart, sophisticated, and bombarded by promotional messaging at nearly every step they (we) take. A poorly designed presentation, an outdated looking website or an ill-conceived media campaign can do irreparable damage to your business. We incorporate gestalt design principles to ensure excellent compositional design flow in addition to employing the latest design styles so our clients are proud to put their name on the promotional and marketing materials that we create for them.

Let Summit Media Design, LLC help you build your brand identity package so that your story's message is one that your audience will want to pay attention to.

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