Founder of Summit Media Design, LLC

Creative Services Leader
UI/UX Web Developer

Mike Fuchsman


Full-Stack Web Dev Proficiencies & Management


HTML5 + CSS3 + Bootstrap + Materialize + Javascript + JQuery + Moment.js + React


Google Firebase + Node.js + MySQL + MongoDB + Express.js + ORM + Sequelize

Workflow Solutions:

GitHub + Trello + Workamajig + Heroku + Lean + Kanban + Scrum + Agile

Creative Design & Media Production

Creative Suite:

Adobe: Acrobat + After Effects + Audition + DreamWeaver + Illustrator + In-Design + Media Encoder + Premiere + Xperience Design


FinalCut Pro + Cinema4D + Compressor + Digital Cinema Encoding Platforms

I'm a full-stack web developer, motion and traditional graphic designer, video post-production professional, stereoscopic 2D to 3D conversion artist, creative and art director, photographer and musician. Collectively, I lead and inspire creative teams that build brands up via intelligently concepted and artistically executed collateral and media development.

I spent the first 17 years of my career working for AMC Theaters advertising affiliate National Cinema Network in Kansas City, Missouri. I left as Vice President of Creative Services and Creative Director to rise to Senior Vice President of Media and Production Services at National CineMedia, LLC, in Denver, Colorado. I left NCM a few months ago and founded Summit Media Design, LLC, a boutique creative firm that focuses on web design and development, and creative design and branding.”

Mike's App Development Work

A helpful tool providing quick, accurate and easy to understand light-rail train schedules and station location info in Denver, CO.

A train/time scheduler app that incorporates a Firebase database and Moment.JS to provide up-to-the-minute train arrival and departure details.

An advertising trivia game using JavaScript and JQuery to manipulate HTML. Game incorporates time limits and multiple choice responses.

A fun game that dynamically updates HTML with a JQuery library. To win, a player must match a numeric score by clicking on crystals with unique values.

A dynamic web page that populates with gifs developed using an API, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and String Arrays of the developers liking.

Hangman is a one player words guessing game. The computer guesses a word and the user picks letters one by one until the word is revealed or guesses run out.

An Amazon-like storefront using a MySQL database with a table that takes in orders, tracks and depletes inventory and calculates order costs.

Liri is a language-interpretation, command line node app that takes in parameters and returns results of the requests on screen.

A useful flash card app that forces users to remember important facts of a sentence, a common device in educational tools.

A compatability-based app -- basically a dating app that uses Express for routing, Heroku to host, Body-Parser and more.

This app uses Node Express to handle routing, Handlebars to generate HTML, a MySQL database and Heroku to host.

This javascript counter app is very useful for presentations, cooking and more. Enjoy!

The Washington Post Sports Page Scraper App offers quick access to the Post's daily main-page sports articles.

Stay tuned for another user-friendly, smart application developed by Summit Media Design, LLC

Stay tuned for another user-friendly, smart application developed by Summit Media Design, LLC

Employees Say...

Mike always pushes the limits of technology and creativity while fostering an environment where failures are allowed as part of the pursuit of team development - This is a rare leadership style that comes very naturally to Mike. One of my favorite things about Mike is his willingness to be open, listen and adjust to fit the situation at hand.
- Christon Barnes
VP, Creative Director at NCM
Mike is a problem solver with a creative edge, finding many “out of the box” solutions that have not only helped our Media Production department thrive, but also have a profound effect on the company as a whole. He has a creative eye and is an inspiration throughout our company, always willing to provide suggestions and advice to help us deliver the best and exceed our abilities.
- Phil Satterley
Senior Video Editor at NCM
Under his management and guidance, I was often able to learn new skills and participate in larger projects outside of the scope of my job description, which I welcomed at every chance. The rare mix of productive management and ambition sets a great example for the rest of the team and explains why everyone loves working with Mike -- no matter where they fall on the org chart.
- Julie Miller
Video Editor & Encoding Technician at NCM

Mike's Resume

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